Do I need a lawyer to file an eviction?

by John Morey | Jun 03, 2015

The simple answer is no. However, all too often landlords and property managers call our law firm after having tried to file an eviction on their own and failed. The fact of the matter is that eviction and landlord tenant law in general appears simplistic, but is deceivingly difficult. Did you know that one simple mistake in your 3-day notice could potentially result in the entire eviction case getting dismissed? How about that if your eviction is dismissed you may also run the risk of paying for the other side’s attorney’s fees? Even more problematic is the fact that now you will have to re-serve your default notice, refile the eviction case, and lose out on even more rent and time.

Landlords often think that because a tenant is unable to pay them rent, that the tenant is also unable to afford an attorney. Simply put, that is wrong. Many landlord tenant lawyers represent tenants exclusively. And many times, those tenant-lawyers represent their clients for a reduced rate or even for free. The hope of these lawyers is that they will be able to find an error in the landlord’s paperwork, and eventually the landlord will be ordered to pay their attorney’s fee. So not only does the landlord lose out on the unpaid rent, but now they also have to pay for their tenant’s attorney, and then bear the cost of refiling the case all over again. 

Our experienced eviction attorneys offer a free 3-day notice review to ensure that you are not making any of the common mistakes that result in a contested eviction. Having an eviction lawyer by your side from the onset of the case can save you plenty of headaches and lost rent in the long run. Contact our office today by submitting a free case review through our website, or by calling our office at (407) 426-7222(407) 426-7222